5 Best Office Gift Ideas for Male Coworkers

May 8, 2018

Office gifts are a show of appreciation for all of the stress and adventures around the workplace. 

So, are you looking for some cool and quick gift ideas for your fellas at work? Do you want to make work more ergonomical for one of your peers? Or maybe your just trying to get on your boss' good side? Whether it's a useful, funny, or creative gift we have the gift idea for him!

Here, we’ve highlighted 5 excellent office-suitable gift ideas to help strengthen the lovely relationships between you and your employees or sweet colleagues.




#1 Computer Rear-view Mirror, 3.35" Round Convex Mirror


For your colleagues who wear headphones while they work, who still work in a cubicle, or get startled easily by people walking up behind them ,this would be a valuable gift to buy for them. But honestly, this is a pretty fail-safe gift to any coworker as long as they don't have one! With a 3.35" HD Convex mirror, with a sturdy strong clip with sponge mat and metal stand, metal stem and joint, this mirror really has it all! The stem is flexible enough that you could bend it into a circle, giving a 360 degree adjustable view as he wants! The sponge mat is made of special material make sure the monitor screen isn't be damaged. This Computer Rear-view Mirror provides a clear and wide angular view because it is convex, meaning the mirror can be small but give a wider view than a normal mirror. And the image it provides is clear due to the HD glass, which helps capture whatever activity that may be going on at the rear. Let your coworkers always see what's coming from behind and get them this mirror!


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#2 Rest My Sole Ergonomic Footrest With Comfort Foam & Non-Slip Lower Surface


Here's another thoughtful gift idea for your lovely coworkers. The footrest has a humanized height; so it's suitable for a considerable number of workers with different heights and leaves plenty of knee room under the desk. The Rest My Sole Ergonomic Footrest differentiates itself with their special foam, that provides lots of comfort and support. Their foam allows the footrest to not be too hard, soft, yet very durable! In fact they pride themselves on the fact the footrests don't wear-out with everyday use which is something people often don't think about! What more, the footrest actually helps you be healthier by relieving leg and back fatigue while improving leg and spine alignment. Last, but certainly not least it comes with a non-slip bottom to keep the dang thing from sliding all over the place! 

They really thought this product out and made it the most ergnomically possible footrest! What are you waiting for, order it now because this is the one for them!


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#3 Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden


The Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden brings unique peace and tranquility. And while it is used at homes, a Zen Garden is also suitable for the workplace. Now you may ask why would I buy a mini sandbox with tiny bamboo garden tools for my coworker? Maybe as a joke to your boss to tell him he is hot headed(We don't take responsibility if you do this). If that is not the case, Zen Gardens actually provide mental and psychological healthy benefits that could be useful to all coworkers. This is because either the aesthetics of the smoothed out sand, or the very even lines in the sand made by the rake offer a calming effect on the mind! Plus, I've played with one before and it is oddly satisfying to just make designs in the sand over and over again. The Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden comes with 9x9 inch rosewood frame, long-handled rake, a bamboo rake, broom, 2 ceramic cranes, and some polished stones!

Okay. Your coworkers are adults, but adults can play with sand too.


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#4 Floating Pen with Magnetic Base Chrome Ball Point


Thinking of a novelty idea? Here’s one. The chrome magic pen and its donut-shaped base are a combo gift to impress your boss or coworkers. The pen is 5" and stands upright in the magnetic base. A slight tap on the pen will make it wobble and effortlessly return to the center. With a bright metallic touch around the pen and the base, the recipients of this novelty pen whether an office manager or executive desktop gift makes a great conversation piece. Also, if they less than elequant than I guess they could just use it as really cool paperweight. The Floating Pen with Magnetic Base will make sure that their desk is the hub of the office and will have the attention of everyone around them. Incredible, right? Right.


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#5 Flip-over Moody Cards


The Flip-over Moody Cards lets anyone expresses their moods and feelings without uttering a word. This prank/useful gift comes with more than 30 messages describing various moods. From "Do I look like Google?" to "I'll be back in 5" the Flip-over Moody Cards let the owner share the feelings they are presently having in the office. It even comes with an erasable marker and blank cards for people to write their own custom cards! No doubt, these cards are ideal for any kind of office environment. Now, this particular item may seem simplistic, but trust me, it isn't. Think about the number of people the recipients of the cards will be able to put a smile on.


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Didn't find a gift? Get inspired by reading a Random Article!


There you have it! These are the 5 of the best gifts for your male coworkers or male boss! Make sure you check out our other articles for the perfect graduation, wedding, birthday, or Father's Day gift. Please Like, Comment, & Share our article with your friends by clicking the buttons below!

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