5 Fun Alcohol Related Gifts for the Partier

March 24, 2018

Smokers, and not drinkers, are liable to die young, especially when you drink responsibly. You may not be a drinker yourself, but you can give your drinker friend something to think about. What about a gift that can make his drinking time a lot more exciting endeavor during parties, be it a small get-together or an elaborate one? Check below for a list five unusual gifts that your alcohol-loving friend will find interesting.





#1 Wingman Shot Glass


Two can play the game of drinking. This gift will not only be useful for your drinking friend, but he can share it with his drinking buddy. The Wingman shot glass is made of acrylic and highly durable. The two come attached, but they can also be detached for easy cleaning.  Each cup can contain up to 2.75 ounces of alcohol for the full-time enjoyment of both.

Your friend only needs to fill the shot glass from one end, then he and his friend can drink from either end of the wingman shot glass. The two of them need to hold the shot glass at the same time.


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#2 EZ Drinker Beer & Soda Can Holster


This holster belt can hold up to 6 beverages at once. Do you have an alcohol-loving friend that cannot be separated from his most beloved drinks? Then he will find this gift exciting. Imagine giving him a gift that can allow him to carry six cans of his sweet, sweet drink everywhere he goes! Consequently, he can quickly get drowned in drinks if he so desires! (Pun intended)


The beer and soda can holster can be used for holding six cans of either or both beer and soda. The holster is adjustable, making it easy for the drinker to adjust for a perfect fitting around the waist.  The material is soft and features a camouflage design.


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#3 Barbuzzo Ice Luge


The ice luge is very easy to use. Your drinking friend only needs to add water, put it in the freezer and check back after 24 hours; he would have made his own frozen luge by then. Adding a couple of luge to his most beloved spirit will make for a perfect home drinking experience. The Barbuzzo ice luge can also be reused. In fact, your friend can use it as many times as he likes.

The material is of plastic and safe for use. It is easy to use and lightweight also.  Furthermore, it is easy to clean.


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#4 Bormioli Rocco Selecta 7-Piece Whiskey Gift Set


The set comes whit a decanter of 33.75 oz in capacity. It has a beveled fluted stopper also fitted, as well as whiskey tumbler glasses, which are six in number with each of them having 9.5 oz capacity.  Serving drinks from the glass set and decanter will make drinking a lot more interesting; do not be surprised if this gift item also turns you into an alcohol-believer. Not to worry; the unexpected happens every day.

The gift set is imported from Italy where it was made. Each bears diamond cut, as well as a starburst detailing that permits distinctive light reflection.


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#5 Pink Flamingo Bird Beer Bong


This is undoubtedly the best way to jazz up the party.  The party only starts properly after filling up the belly with beers from the bong.  It is a singular beer funnel may not be a unique conversation piece, but it can fit into any celebration for that matter.  It is easy to clean; simply use light soap and warm water for the proper cleaning of the crevices.

The beer bong is made of plastic and safe for use. Aside from being easy to clean, it is also easy to use.


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