5 No-Fail Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

March 24, 2018

Talk about coffee, and some people would go wild at the mention of it. Coffee has come to be one of life's greatest necessities. Sometimes, it is the only thing can help you kick-start your day, or get through the afternoon lulls.

And even if you aren’t a coffee lover, certainly, someone close to you is. Now, if you’re thinking of holiday gifts you can find that coffee lover in your life, here's an inspiring list of coffee-themed gift ideas for your coffee-loving pals.


#1 Ticent Ice Cube Trays


This is a present for your iced-coffee-loving friends. These ice cube tray comes in a professional packing. That is, the ice trays come in a plastic bag wrap. Also, there are the ice cube trays which have a black paper wrapping with the Ticent logo on it. These trays are made of flexible silicone so that they won't break like other plastic ice trays. What more, they are thicker and sturdy. The sphere mold is also easy to use; just put the top half and bottom half together, and then fill these with coffee through the top hole. After freezing, you just twist the sphere mold; then you can get the frozen coffee balls out easily. With this cube trays, your iced-coffee-loving pal wouldn’t have to rush through his iced coffee anymore hoping it wont get diluted.


#2 Rosa Vila Caffeine Molecule Necklace


This is a different present but may be good for someone who is more about the meaning behind things. The meaning behind this necklace? Caffeine.The Rosa Vila Caffeine Molecule Necklace is an art of its own. The delicate jewelry is a piece with a dimension of 2" x 1.5" x19" and it's created in the shape of the molecular structure of caffeine - world's most widely consumed psychoactive drug. This is a perfect gift to present to coffee lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike. So if you have a chemistry major friend or someone whose into symbolism who also loves coffee, then this right here, is a perfect gift for him or her.


#3 Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper with Wood Stand


The Osaka pour-over coffee maker is a unique art. And there's no other convenient way to make coffee than with this beauty. The double filter is laser-cut and comes with an additional mesh, providing a rich, balanced coffee. And with a stainless steel filter, waterproofed wood base, a metal stand and a glass carafe with lid, no doubt that this device is a one of a kind. Get this monster coffee maker for your coffee enthusiastic friends, and they can begin to make coffee like a pro.



#4 Bali's Best Espresso Coffee Candy

Although it is not a substitute for coffee, but the Bali’s espresso coffee candy is a great way to add rich flavor to coffee. The pack comes with 42 pieces of individually wrapped candy that are made from 100% naturally coffee. With a finely balanced rich flavor and aroma, this stimulating candy is every coffee lover’s dream come true. So why don't you get a pack – or even two for your coffee-loving pal?



#5 Indulgent Selection Gift Box

If you don't like the idea of a single pack of coffee for your loved ones, then the Indulgent Selection Gift Box is for you. The gourmet coffee gift basket is filled with a selection of best roasted and flavored coffee. The box includes sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten free and alcohol-free coffee. Now, the coffee lovers in your life have a range of choices to make when brewing their coffee.














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And there you have it! 5 gifts for the coffee lover,  if he didn't have them before. Please Like, Comment, & Share our article with your friends by clicking the buttons below! 

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