5 Incredible Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

March 24, 2018

For persons who are passionate about beer, buying them a gift isn't really as dicey as would think. Yes, beer lovers can spend hours discussing the best temperature for serving a particular beer on a Friday night, or the best beer glass for tasting a hefeweizen – and you'd think that the best gift to buy them is, well, beer. Maybe. 

But you can always get creative and buy them other things but beer. In this piece, we have compiled a list of beer accessories and gadgets that the beer lovers in your life would find to be special.


#1 Sonic Foamer, Beer Head Enhancer


The sonic foamer is a unique way to extract more flavors and craft beers. Create a better aromatic experience with a touch of a button, using a finely calibrated, ultrasonic vibration for the perfect foam head. After all, the true fun in beer taking comes from the smell of it! Get this device for your beer loving friends, and they can actively manage their beer head throughout the entire drinking process to maintain the best taste possible. We are confident your pals will love it!



#2 The Beer Bible


The Beer Bible is what we like to call the encyclopedia of the world’s best beers. Written by Jeff Alworth, the Beer Bible is a collective knowledge of many beer connoisseurs all in paperback. The book is divided into six parts. The first covers the history of beer, how it is made and how to taste it. The next four parts cover beer styles, and the final part covers the enjoyment of beer.

With this special gift, the beer lovers in your life will be able to learn more about the different beer pairings, beer styles and even how to discover new beers that they may like. Now, this is huge, right? Right.


#3 Beer Soap IPA


You know, some beer enthusiasts are just so crazy about beer that they actually want to smell like it and also enjoy the smell of it during each bath. And with the IPA soap, they can enjoy a spicy, fruity, sweet, and fresh scents depending on the variety of soap you buy them. This beer soap lathers super well cleans well and doesn't dry out on skin. It can also be applied to the hair as well. This item is a perfect gift for just about anyone in your life who has ever enjoyed a beer.


*I know this is a picture of a wine glass, it holds beer cans but the default for this product is this image


#4 Suction Cup Sip Caddy


Beer lovers don’t care where they have to enjoy their favorite drink –even if it’s in the bathroom. But balancing a bottle of beer in the bathroom may likely cause an accident, which is why the caddy becomes a necessity. The Caddy not only holds a beer glass but wine glass, cans, and mugs as well. It comes with a sleek appearance in a retail-ready packaging - making it even better for gift-giving!


#5 Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller, 2-Pack


The Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller is a perfect way to elongate the life of a cold beer. The tool comes with a two pack of beer bottle chillers that are designed to cool the beer right from the very first sip to the last. And it’s quite easy to use; just freeze, insert into beer bottle and begin to enjoy the freshness of a cold beer in no time. When you buy this amazing tool for your beer-loving pals, they never have to deal with a warm beer anymore.












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